"I Promise" Inspired Poetry
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"In My Shoes"

In my shoes...
I never thought I'd be,
Trapped in these four walls
Just waiting to be free.

In my shoes...
I take it day by day,
Knowing a life was lost
From the mistakes that I made.

In my shoes...
I'll try the best I can,
To make my life better...
And walk like a man.

To my nephew, Jesse.
From Aunt Karen

"In Memory of Floyd Steelman"

I grieve for a boy I never knew...
He was only 16 years old
When his life was taken...
From me and from you

I grieve for a boy I never knew...
Whose hopes and dreams were shattered,
On a cold December night...
I grieve for a boy I never knew.

From Karen Benway

To Amy Aduddell
In memory of Angela Dawn Rodden
Killed by a drunk driver May 1st, 1990

"My Sister's Voice"

This is my voice...
So eloquent through art
Pleading for your promise
Reaching out to your heart.

This is my voice...
Driving on a moonlit night
An innocent victim
On the highway of life.

This is my voice
Whispering from heaven above
Yearning for redemption
Through God's mercy and mighty love.

From Karen Benway

Hopes and Dreams

Make your promise...
You owe it to those you love, Driving is a freedom that is given to all of us. Make your promise...
A million tomorrows await, You can make the difference your choices determine your fate.
Make your promise... For we all have hopes and dreams, Never taking for granted Life's promises for you and for me.

Karen L. Benway, September 15, 2009

The Promise
I donít want regret
Of unfortunate could beís
Or  careless responses
Toward tragic would beís
Iíll save you the pain
And give you the confidence,  
And To those that I care for
I make this solemn promiseÖÖ.
That in the past
Iíll leave far behind me
And live in the present,
As hope walks beside me
 Phillip Wadsworth May, 2010

by Ebony Bruner

You told me that you loved me,
but you're still walking away,
you said that you'd be waiting
for me every single day.
You promised that you wouldn't
let your past interfere,
and yet I am left wondering...
why I'm still here.

Why'd you make that dumb mistake
of drinking and getting high?
I was the one who had to watch...
while you crashed and died.
Your hands were cold, your heart slowed down,
as my tears began to pour,
soon you let your last breath slip,
then our friendshp was no more.

Late at night...I sit and cry
with thoughts swirling in my head,
wondering where we would be
if you weren't dead.
The seasons have changed
and years have passed,
my heart is still broken
like shattered glass.

If you'd been sober on that cold night,
you would still be alive,
instead I'm haunted by your ghost
that leaves me paralyzed.
One drink was all it took
to take your life away....
If only you'd made a better choice,
then your life could have been saved.


A Mother's Heart

I thought I understood how you feel.
Yet today I realized you still carry a burden,
and it's something I can never lift.

Leave it to God to help understand why.
Today and tomorrow know that you can
only begin to unravel the how.

The how holds the power to ease your heart.
How did this happen?
That's the place to make your start.

A young man's future shadowed by sins of the past.
My son, when you understand how this happened
Then you can make certain it never happens again.


Debbie St. Clair


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